If you want to learn more about us, then you are in the right place. Read to learn how we become the San Andreas Emergency Services — A Community You Can Trust. 

We have been around since 2016, and we know what it takes to give our members a great experience. With that, we strive to provide a dynamic and satisfying role play experience that appeals to everyone. Because of this, we have made some changes with the server dynamic, and honestly, the community as a whole.

Currently, there are two types of server play styles out there. The first being civilian and life roleplay focused. These servers have real jobs that players can do, properties and housing, drugs, stores where you can buy items, a real economy and do not use client sided trainers. The other server type, is one that is focused on police roleplay. These servers do not focus on the civilian roleplay to the extent of life servers. They allow client sided trainers, there is no real economy or jobs, and you have the ability to do different scenarios and play different characters day by day.

Because the FiveM community is such a diverse and dynamic community, we have decided to offer both a Life RP and a Police RP server for our community. So no matter which type of server you prefer, we cover both bases. The best part is, you can switch servers as frequently as you which, and you can enjoy the benefits of both server styles!


We are always communicating and talking on Discord. Want to join us? Hop on and join in on the conversation @ discord.sanandreas911.com


Want to catch us LIVE? Hope on Twitch and follow our Community Director Jeff as he patrols throughout the different departments we offer. Go follow him @twitch.tv/poncherello


Missed the LIVE stream? Do not worry, we have a few members who upload their own videos of the patrol on YouTube. What are you waiting on? Go check out our patrols now!

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