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  1. Why cant I post applications?


  2. hello my name is holden i whot to worck fore you 

  3. Hi all, Hope everyone had a good weekend. I'd like to thank those that attended this weekends community meeting, held yesterday. I'd also like to thank Boggs for leading the meeting in my absence. The recording for this meeting will be made available for those that missed it. I have a few things to cover in this post so please take a few moments to read this whole post. 1) Community Calendar The community calendar has now been implemented on the forums. All official patrols will be scheduled here at least one week in advance. Moving forward, every member should be indicating whether they are planning on attending or not. Remember, the weekly activity requirement is 3 patrols/week, and if you do not meet that without a justifiable reason, you will be removed from your department and must go through the entire recruitment process over, should you be interested in patrolling again. 2) SAES Server Restructuring Our server list is currently being restructured. Server #1 will continue to operate as the menu-based police RP server as it currently is now, and our current Server #2 will become our development/training server. Server #3, our Life RP server will be rebranded as server #2 and will be accessible with server2.sanandreas911.com IP, once it has been officially launched. 3) Life RP server update I've been working tirelessly the last two weeks to get our Life RP server launched. Most of you know, I had an original beta launch about 10 days ago but after complaints of buggy scripts and low frame rates I decided to scrap that whole project and start fresh. I began the redesign/rework last Sunday and worked pretty much every day from 7PM to 2AM on getting it back to where I had it with the original beta. At this time, it is pretty much ready to launch in a beta stage and we will begin patrols on it tomorrow, Monday 8/20. The only important bug that I need to fix is the PD garage spawning, where as it currently will only spawn LSPD cars even though I have every LEO vehicle listed. This should be fixed by tomorrow. See this thread for a list of current features on server 2. 4) New TS3 Host Due to our old TS3 host being an illegitimate TS3 service provider, our TS3 server version was unable to be updated. This is most likely due to the fact the old host was using some sort of pirated copy of the TS3 server program and were unable to update the server version until a pirated version of that comes out. Because of this, users that had upgraded to version 3.2.x of the TS3 client were unable to access our old TS3 server. While there was a work-around by uninstalling the 3.2.x version and replacing it with 3.1.9 that was quite simply a pain in the ass so I purchased a TS3 server that is licensed through TeamSpeak and has been providing voice servers since 2004. Thanks to Will for recreating the teamspeak, as we were unable to (unfortunately) restore a backup of the old server. 5) Whitelist Alright, I know I said I would be whitelisting a while ago but there were some issues with the whitelist on server 1. I'm still working on fixing that, but I think I figured out how to do it. Server 2 (Life RP) has a great whitelist system that will be utilized after I obtain most of our members Steam IDs. If you do not know your steam ID currently, please get me your Hex ID so I can get you whitelisted. Another nice thing about server 2's whitelist is that users can be added in-game and without a server restart. 6) New members Finally, i'd like to take a moment to welcome all of our new members to the community. We have been getting multiple applications each and every day for members to join us. It's really exciting to see us growing so fast and I look forward to meeting all of our new members and patrolling with them. That's all I have for now. See ya in game.
  4. Hi there! Welcome to San Andreas Emergency Services! My name is Jeff, and I am the director of the community. I'd like to personally welcome you to our community! To get started, you must first register for our forum. After you complete your registration, you are then able to apply for general community membership, which is located at the "recruitment" tab up top. You must apply for community membership before you are able to apply for any emergency services department. The general community membership application will grant you access as a civilian in our community. After you are accepted as a civilian, then you may apply for whichever department you are interested in. Note: You MUST be registered on our forum before you will be accepted as a member of our community. Be sure to include your forum username in your application. You will be advised of your application status via forum PM, so make sure you check back here quite often. Again, thank you for considering us as your next FiveM roleplay community. We are excited to have you, and we will see you in game!